Thursday 17 October 2019

Polio plea

• Following Eamon Gilmore's meeting with Bill Gates, it was reported in the media that Mr Gilmore said "Ireland is very much involved in making polio history".

It is not 'history' for the 7,000 polio survivors living on this island.

Post Polio Support Group (PPSG) represents those whose lives have been blighted by this devastating disease; polio is not a childhood infection like the measles, it carries with it life-long disability for those who did not make a full recovery. Of the 7,000 survivors here, 4,000 can expect to be diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), a chronic neurological disorder resulting in muscle and joint pain, increased muscle weakness, extreme fatigue, breathing problems and sleep apnoea.

PPSG works to maintain the independence and dignity of polio survivors, supporting them at home, at work and in all other aspects of their lives. We call on Mr Gilmore to accede to our request, made on several occasions, to make a medical card available to all of our members to ensure that they can avail of the medical attention they so badly need.

Blaise O'Hara
Post Polio Support Group,
Capel Building, Dublin 7

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