Saturday 18 January 2020

Place called vertigo

I read with pleasure that Dublin city council has permitted Liberty Hall to be demolished to make way for a landmark tower.

I would urge (beg!) An Bord Pleanala to pass this, despite the predictable barrage of complaints from the usual serial objectors and bleeding hearts. While I agree that we have a great deal to protect, and applaud conservationists for doing so, I also think that we are one of the only European capitals with no landmark high-rise buildings. Why is there such a fear of anything above the height of the 60-metre abomination that is Liberty Hall?

This site is the perfect location for an aspirational building -- it is a truly run-down part of the city and the new tower will significantly improve the area, as will the CIE tower and the redevelopment of the Hawkins House site, if these go ahead.

I would ask that the planners keep an open mind and think of the future of the city, the potential of a landmark building in this site and the jobs it would bring and give a sign that we are a progressive city. I agree the historic core should be protected but any development in this decaying site is a positive.

As usual, though, I expect this to fall at the last hurdle and a 10-storey hair-cut to be applied to the plans, leaving us with a 60-metre stump...

David Donnelly
Address with editor

Irish Independent

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