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Place called hope

• Since 2007 we have been deluged with a constant stream of bad news and worse about the abysmal state of the country and the world.

The never-ending flow of recessions, civil strife, wars, plagues, famines, scandals and everything else from Pandora's Box have beaten us into a state of near unflinching cynicism and pessimism, of which the low voter turnout at the recent referendum was but a symptom. Emigration and unemployment have severely damaged our national psyche no less severely than they did years ago. To see so many people leaving this country, possibly never to come back, must surely be a disheartening sight for the friends and family of these emigrants.

And yet science seems to be stepping up and providing us with some hope in these troubled times. The possible discovery of the long sought Higgs Boson particle, a crash victim in a vegetative state communicating with scientists through thought, the discovery of a diamond planet in deep space and of a planet eerily like Earth are at the very least morale boosters or a distraction from the mind-numbing depression gripping our society at the moment. Ireland too is getting in on the trend with the recent experiments regarding Boyle's Law. Who would ever have thought that anyone, whatever the age, would see such wonders. Maybe, somehow, science truly can help fix our problems.

Colin Smith
Clara, Co Offaly

Irish Independent