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@Declan Flynn Country in free fall but TDs & media obsessed with dress style. Get back to work! Ur 3 month hols are days away & nothings done

@Keith Malone Calling somebody Miss Piggy is rich coming from Worzel Gummidge himself

@Thom Nolan Ireland downgraded to Junk status and Myles Dungan leads with piggygate! Mary Mitchell O'Connor herself realises this in fairness to her

@Thetorse Dail prayer will be replaced with the following "it's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights etc"

@Aofarre He's got blond curly hair and he wears pink all the time. That's more like #piggygait if you ask me

@Uisecbot Not wearing the uniform and huddling at the back of the Dail making Schmart remarks. Bet they left gum under the benches too

@DougWhelan There's something amusing about MMO'C being called Miss Piggy by two fellas that look like Rolf and the Great Gonzo

@Dulach G Mick Wallace and Ming to host spin-off series of RTE's 'Off The Rails' called 'Off The Rails -- Pretty in Pink'

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