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Pharmacy code

Sir -- In an article in your magazine, (Sunday Independent January 10, 2010) headlined 'Ethical Pharming', Dr Maurice Gueret gave an impression that there is not a system in place for regulating pharmacies and pharmacists in Ireland.

The Pharmacy Act 2007, which established the PSI as the independent statutory regulator for pharmacy, has introduced a number of significant regulatory structures to ensure that patient safety and public protection are safeguarded.

These include a non-pharmacist majority on the PSI Council, the registration of pharmacies and regulations governing the operation of pharmacies, including a professional pharmacist management structure, and a formal complaints and fitness-to-practise system underpinned by a statutory Code of Conduct for pharmacists. Guidance to pharmacist and pharmacy owners from the PSI is based on the legislative requirements in this jurisdiction, and while matters about the licensing and regulation of medicines and healthcare products are primarily the responsibility of the Irish Medicines Board (IMB), working with the European Medicines Agency, the PSI cooperates with the IMB and other statutory agencies here to ensure patient safety and promote the safe and rational use of medicines.

Any concerns that a member of the public, or a member of a healthcare profession, has about the behaviour, conduct or practice of a pharmacist should be addressed to the PSI.

Dr Ambrose McLoughlin,

Registrar, PSI

Sunday Independent