Saturday 16 December 2017

People on welfare struggle to exist

Madam – People on social welfare exist on a small income and I am one of them. Over the past few years now, I've been silent while we have been attacked and demeaned in the media and by politicians, but now enough is enough! When I heard that senior civil servants were discussing the possibility of taking property tax off us at source, it was the last straw.

We have less than their allowances to live on per year and spend all of it on services and groceries, etc. We have no luxuries, no family holidays; we don't have dinners every day; we don't buy new clothes – we buy them in charity shops. Findng money for birthdays or Christmas is a nightmare.

People on social welfare get some allowances because it's impossible to have a basic living without them. They have been cut drastically and we now have private waste companies that charge nearly 10 times what we used to pay. There's only so far one can stretch a social welfare payment.

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