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People can't spend what they don't have

YESTERday's lead story where Michael Noonan encouraged us to go into the shops and 'spend, spend, spend' is really laughable.

Why has the spending decreased? Why have so many retail businesses vanished?

The lifeblood of the retail industry ie, disposable income, has been snatched from our pockets as a result of the penalties imposed on us to pay for the sins of those who ruined the economy. What are we to spend -- Monopoly money?

The average household can just about make ends meet, only after sacrificing things they used to enjoy. The universal social charge has had a massive negative effect on people.

People have had to become much more prudent. Maybe that is a very good thing, but you cannot spend what you do not have. Over to you, Mr Noonan for the solution.

Declan Burke
Craughwell, Galway

Irish Independent