Saturday 14 December 2019

Pensions . . . French words . . . Brass neck . . . O'Gara

SORRY to spoil Ian O'Doherty's joke (I Spy, Irish Independent, March 3), but his advice to civil servants that "pensions are only meant to kick in after you've stopped working" does not apply to politicians. They can have a multiplicity of very valuable pensions while still "working".

A Leavy

Dublin 13

  • Kevin Myers' engaging and laughable polemic (Irish Independent, March 3) was disingenuous in attributing the words "intelligence, courage, flair, imagination and technique" to being French in origin.

They were, in fact, Latin in origin and only later adopted by the French rugby and football teams.

Will Horbury

Drimoleague, Co Cork

  • The similarities between Anglo Irish Bank and the Irish Bishops' Conference is uncanny. Anglo Irish Bank is morally and financially bankrupt and needing vast injections of taxpayers' money.

The Bishop of Ferns has been asking the rank and file to put up funds to cover liabilities incurred by incompetent diocesan management.

But there is no suggestion that those who are to put up the money will sit at the decision-making table.

A brass neck, one might say.

Sean Macken

Dublin 15

  • Ronan O'Gara played a blinder on Saturday. Nothing strange there.

For 10 years he has performed to a high standard for very demanding managers.

Suffice it to say that O'Gara has surpassed by miles -- in scores and trophies -- all the achievements of former heroes. And he is a modest fellow.

He has more than adequately filled the boots of his fine predecessors.

My old mother would have classified Kevin Myers as "the dog that's barking always".

Ned Egan

Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny

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