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Pensioners won't forget


Sir -- As a senior citizen in receipt of a pension, I'm beginning to realise just how important I am to this present Government. I know that I'm not alone in this, being one of the 115,000 pensioners to have received the recent tax threat.

We can see now what we voted in. Just when we had digested the bad news of charges for septic tank inspections and the charges of replacing them if deemed necessary and the €100 levy on every household in the country, we are kicked again in the teeth with a tax bill.

After 12 months in office, the Government has enabled two departments to communicate with each other and so now they can chase down the senior citizens of Ireland. Rumours abound that our free travel passes could be next in line to be axed or cut in some way.

May I suggest that if they do take our passes from us they should give them to our so-called ministers and take their perks from them? They should also take our votes from us, because otherwise I can assure you that we'll break with them at the next general election.

We pensioners are well aware of the financial state of the country. We didn't cause the problem. I worked all my life, reared a family and tried to put away a few euro for retirement only now to be hit with an unfair tax. None of us is going to take any money with us when we die, it will all go back into the system one way or another.

If it ever comes to a show-down between pensioners and government, I'll be honoured to lead the white-haired battalion followed closely by the blue-rinse brigade and we'll march into battle as best we can to the beat of our pacemakers and the rattle of our replacement hips, faulty or otherwise.

James J Heslin,

Lucan, Co Dublin

Sunday Independent