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Pensioners hit as banks get billions

Alan Dukes clicked his fingers, indicating that a further €15bn is required to stabilise our banks. The politicians, even though they will huff and puff with rallying cries of 'not another cent!', will very quickly get around to pouring more taxpayers' money into the banks -- in the national interest, of course.

This money will be raised by inflicting more hardship on some of the most vulnerable groups in our society.

More and more people are being denied their entitlement to non-contributory pensions. When they apply to the Social Welfare Appeals Office, they are informed that the Appeals Office is now processing appeals which were lodged in November 2009. That is a delay of 15 months.

If Jonathan Swift were writing his 'Modest Proposal' today, he would probably include a post script that not alone should the Irish sell off their children as a source of food and garments for the rich, they should starve their elderly to death as well.

Sean McDonagh
Nenagh, Co Tipperary

Irish Independent