Saturday 17 March 2018

Peacemakers' priceless efforts

In a recent analysis of Friedrich Nietzsche, Canadian newspaper columnist George Jonas has an interesting sentence about those who promulgate ideas: "Ideas have consequences, one of them being that semi-literate morons may read them. . . they may then interpret them literally, swallow them whole, spew them out undigested and act upon them idiotically, one way or another."

That kind of sums up the feeling I had when listening to how the Claudy bombing of 1972, which took the lives of nine innocent people (five Catholic and four Protestant), was believed to have been orchestrated by a priest, Fr James Chesney, who swallowed the camel of Provisional IRA activism with the inevitable results.

The Provos specialised in half-baked ideology to justify their terrorism, and it just didn't work.

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