Monday 22 January 2018

Paying to the hilt for working

Sir -- I work part time and my husband is on job-seekers' allowance for a year and a half now. We have three children and I am paying to the hilt for working and getting nothing in return.

My husband has worked most of his life and is getting a measly €42 weekly for all his so-called contributions. I cannot afford my blood pressure or cholesterol meds and we can no longer afford to go to the doctor or dentist. My PRSI/PPS means nothing, just another Government levy.

Why are they picking on the weak? I would like to know what cuts the Government themselves are incurring in their wages and as they are on such a high salary, why are they given an expense allowance? Cut their wages/expenses allowance, let them incur all our charges/cuts and let's see how they cope and how fast they will re-arrange things.

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