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Payback time . . . Saipan moment . . . 'I, Leeo' . . . Skills

The by-election that saw George Lee elected last June was done at great financial expense. A five-figure sum ensured that he broke the 50pc barrier, thus being elected on the first count.

Now that George is returning to a six-figure salary at RTE, I would appreciate if he would pay back at least some of the money that was spent on him. An apology wouldn't go astray either.

David Higgins


  • As the news of George Lee's resignation emerged, I was reading Con Houlihan's inspiring collection of essays 'A Harvest'.

I happened upon this prescient nugget of wisdom by Herbert Read: "The past of every man is strewn with dead enthusiasms."

Enda Kenny has had his very own Saipan moment -- he should have promised George a more level "playing field" going forward to the next election. If all else failed, he could have drafted in Tommie Gorman to plead with Lee to come back on our behalf.

Patrick O'Flaherty

Rathkeale, Co Limerick

  • So George Lee had a Saipan moment yesterday. What next? A musical at the Olympia called 'I, Leeo'?

pat o'connell

clondalkin, Co dublin

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  • Some months ago, one of our economic experts predicted that "Ireland is on a slippery slope". Today he was proved correct -- our bobsleigh team is going to the Winter Olympics.

Sean Kelly

Tramore, Co Waterford

  • George Lee's resignation from Fine Gael has shown that being a TD does not require skill.

It is known that many of them were dunces at school, but their salaries do not reflect this. Like many university graduates, Lee found that reality did not match his skills or expectations.

Anyone contemplating life in the Dail must sadly chirp the right tune if they want a place in the rookery.

Dr Florence Craven

Maynooth, Co Kildare

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