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Patriot . . . Wages . . . Vulcan logic . . . McCreevy

Financial Regulator Matthew Elderfield is more of an Irish patriot than all of the political parties who are fond of wrapping themselves in green at election times!

K Nolan
Carrick-on-Shannon, co leitrim

  • Brian Lenihan wants to return AIB to "its former greatness". AIB was never that great. May I suggest no more taxpayer deposits to return it to someplace it never was. And may I suggest to Mr Lenihan "No Deposit No Return".

Kevin Devitte
Westport, Co Mayo

  • In yesterday's Irish Independent I read that the Taoiseach Brian Cowen gave an assurance that public sector wages would not be cut in the Budget.

In the name of God, what's his game? The facts are we are broke and everyone has to suffer. The quicker his lot leave office the sooner we can get down to real business.

Kevin Stapleton
Ennis, Co Clare

  • After watching an old episode of 'Star Trek' recently, it occurred to me that our Taoiseach and Finance Minister could learn from Vulcan logic.

I await the day Brian Cowen proclaims that "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few . . . Now, live long and prosper!"

Alan Lally
Dublin 4

  • I see Charlie 'light-touch' McCreevy, our former Finance Minister , who did so much to facilitate buccaneer banking and stratospheric property prices during his time in office (1997-2004), isn't feeling the pinch quite like the rest of us. He is laughing all the way to the bank.

Patrick Whelband
Co Tipperary

  • Congratulations to amateur astronomer Dave Grennan on his discovery of supernova 2010 IK.

Now, can someone equally talented help us find a way out of our economic black hole?

Simon Comer
Rahoon, Co Galway

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