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Pat and John Hume showed politics can be a noble calling



Pat and John Hume

Pat and John Hume

Pat and John Hume

Reflecting on the death of Pat Hume coming so soon after the death of her beloved husband John, we are reminded of the debt this country owes to this courageous couple who often had to plough a lonely furrow in their quest for peace and justice.

Sometimes criticised (or even attacked) on all sides, John, supported by Pat, who was his rock, never wavered in his determination to pursue the path of peace and justice.

In their dignity, and above all in their honesty and courage, Pat and John remind us that politics can be a great and noble calling.

Suaimhneas síoraí don bheirt acu, le chéile arís i bhFlaitheas Dé.

John Glennon

Hollywood, Co Wicklow

Naysayers who question science are first to complain

I agree with Anthony McGeough (‘Hard to have sympathy for non-mask-wearing vaccine deniers who now find themselves at risk’, Letters, September 4).

Despite the majority of us wearing face masks on public transport and at certain venues, as well as being fully vaccinated, there are still naysayers who will not adhere to scientific evidence and advice on Covid-19.

When a new variant inevitably strikes, those same doubting Thomases will be the first to complain and the first to be hospitalised, if not worse.

Dominic Shelmerdine

London, England

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Some miss the bigger picture by blindly following the rules

In this time of great upset there is still one reliable source of humour – government bureaucrats.

Australia has a permanent residency visa process, including a family stream that allocates 5,000 places for parents. In years when there are more than 5,000 applicants they go on a waiting list for their application to be assessed.

A 93-year-old father, Zack Krouse who applied in 2014, has just been told that his application will be processed in 2064 as the waiting list is quite long. He would be 133 years old by then so it is unlikely that he will be able to contribute to Australia’s economy and thus his application may be knocked back.

There should be a more rational way of running the world than letting bureaucrats blindly follow rules without thinking about them. We need a more rational world so that we can beat Covid, then work on climate control and maybe try to stop all of the arguments between countries that lead to so many deaths and refugees.

Maybe if we made all of our bureaucrats work from home without access to Zoom or the internet, the world would be better – or at least saner. These are not laughing matters.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia

On the pig’s back... or with their noses in the trough?

One might wonder if the Piglet (‘On the Piglet’s back – Zappone and Varadkar both regulars at city centre hang-out of legal eagles and politicos’, Irish Independent, September 3) is frequented by people with their heads in the public trough.

Hugh McDermott

Dromahair, Co Leitrim

Freedom of choice does not need anyone’s permission

It’s just as well the shrill defenders of all the Covid measures being piled upon us by our rulers do not themselves hold executive powers. Their bounty-hunting language aimed at the “non-vaccinated” would put the manhunt for Ned Kelly in the ha’penny place.

Grow up, folks – it is not your business to be outraged and offended for whole continents because people want freedom of choice without your permission. There are enough witch hunts to be going on with without you lot wishing to start another one.

I got my jabs: that is my choice in the matter. Others may do as they please. Live and let live.

Robert Sullivan

Bantry, Co Cork

A red card for the new system of replacement rules in rugby

This new red card system in rugby – a player sent-off can be replaced by another after 20 minutes – is a bit wishy-washy.

Just as you can’t be ‘a bit pregnant’, you shouldn’t be ‘a bit sent-off’. It should be either a yellow (10 minutes in the bin) or a red (player sent off).

The next thing will be ads during injury breaks and as players prepare for penalty kicks. Or perhaps half-naked cheerleaders high-kicking along the touchlines.

No thanks!

David Ryan

Co Meath

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