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Party time?

I see that the celebratory photo session trumpeting the significant Fine Gael achievements of year one in office has been derailed by its Labour coalition partners.

With welfare cuts being applied to the disabled, the infirm and child benefit -- in addition to cuts in fuel allowances for the elderly, reductions in special needs assistants and a raft of other reductions -- it is entirely inappropriate for the self-congratulatory back-slappers and mutual admiration wing of Fine Gael to have a love-in.

To engage in shallow ego-stroking on the very day 2,500 AIB workers were informed they were to be made redundant displays a callous indifference to the plight of those struggling to stay afloat.

For the Government to implement cutbacks to the most needy while breaching their own guidelines on pay to ministerial special advisers is nauseating. We may well be powerless to prevent this injustice but we should never fail to protest.

Tom Cooper
Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Irish Independent