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'Partnership for poverty' must end

Maurice FitzGerald is wrong to side with Nicolas Sarkozy against Ireland with regard to our corporation tax (Letters, January 17).

The exporting corporations in this country are the only means by which Ireland earns money. This money is then circulated through the Irish economy in the form of salaries and handouts eventually reaching Joe Public.

So, not only do we need to fight to keep our exporting corporations here, but in fact we need to drastically increase their number to allow Joe Public to pay off his new loan, which was taken out on his behalf by Fianna Fail.

Mr FitzGerald needs to consider that, similar to Fianna Fail, Nicolas Sarkozy is only interested in his own quarters and is in fact acting as an enemy of this country.

Perhaps Mr FitzGerald would agree that one way we could look at becoming more competitive is to revisit benchmarking and reduce salaries and handouts by 50pc.

This would show Mr Sarkozy that we were serious about becoming more competitive and encouraging more companies to invest in Ireland instead of France.

It would also show that the new, lower-paid Joe Public simply cannot bail out France and its banks, but can instead grow a self-sufficient Ireland, as was the case before "Partnership for Poverty" was introduced.

S O'Connor
Castleisland, Co Kerry

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