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Parting is such sweet sorrow, Mr Noonan

Dear Mr Noonan,

I can't believe your ignorance of facts.

Obviously, you're another politician not living in the real world.

You have been a politician for as long as I can remember -- after 30 years in national politics, it's fair to say that you have had your chance.

It is infuriating for Irish expats like myself that you feel the need to speak on our behalf to explain our rationale for leaving our beloved country.

Yes, perhaps people leave Ireland because there is a better quality of lifestyle in other countries.

Prudent economic management, sensible regulation and astute investment in the growth of any country can give its citizens a lifestyle that is attractive enough to keep them at home.

This, just in case nobody told you, is your responsibility, as an elected representative of the people of Ireland.

Therefore, there is a direct link between your failure in your duties and the plight of so many people leaving the country.

I suggest, if you really want to know what people's motives are for leaving, that you dispatch some of your underlings to the departures area of Dublin Airport. Ask them five questions:

1. Why are you leaving?

2. How long will you be gone?

3. Is the island "too small", and do you just "want to get off the island"?

4. Are you leaving all of your friends and family? Do you hate them?

5. What would attract you back to Ireland again?

When your underlings report back, I would be interested to see the results.

It's not rocket science to run a country properly. You can even emulate a successful country like Switzerland where I am living.

Of course, come election time, you will attribute the relatively low 14pc unemployment rate to your own success in government as compared to Greece and Spain, where the rate is even higher.

Just make sure that the underlings factor in all of those Irish people who have left the country as they had no prospects and no confidence in you and your lot to sort your mess out.

For the record, we expats are leaving the country because we don't want to feel like losers walking around with nothing to do all day. That would be bad enough, but listening to your bullsh*t every evening would be the last straw.

Ninety-nine per cent of Irish people are proud, hard-working folks -- drawing dole is not what we want to do. Our country needs serious change and you are incapable of delivering it.

Resign and leave the country with the rest of your cronies. Then you will get to see what it is like to have to restart your life with no family around you.

Good riddance.

Dave Callanan

Irish Independent