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Parity of esteem

• A question of whether to raise the Tricolour above Stormont has been raised in the Northern Irish political arena. I, for one, am intensely in favour of this proposal for it is a matter of equality and an excellent opportunity to express that politics here has reached a level of maturity never before seen in its recognition and appreciation of differing aspirations.

Sadly, it would seem that this is not the case. A power-sharing executive was established after decades of war to represent equally the two national identities and legislatively speaking we are now equals in Northern Ireland. Yet only one identity is afforded the dignity and respect of having its national flag flying from government buildings.

This does not inspire much faith in the nationalist community. A sizeable portion of unionist politicians steadfastly refuses to even accept our right to assert ourselves in a merely symbolic depiction of our political and cultural ambitions.

The preservation of human dignity is the cornerstone of democracy. Surely, as citizens living in a democratic society, we deserve to have equal value and legitimacy placed upon our national identity.

Sean Gallagher
Warrenpoint, Co Down

Irish Independent