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Paper keeps me young at heart

Sir -- Do you know that in the long shadows of life with hammer toes, bunions, fallen arches, hip screws and everything heading south, the Sunday Independent is a treat to read and keeps me young at heart.

The Sinead O'Connor and Ross Cleary pieces were so uplifting. We need beautiful young people. They help us to sidestep woe. (I'm lucky to be stepping at all at my age).

Ross is lovely -- clever, yet keeping his feet on the ground and possessing that smouldering Heathcliff look. His Da and Ma gave him a loving, well cared for upbringing. I don't know why they didn't "grass" on Fr Tony Walsh -- he crushed the souls as well as the bodies of children. But who am I to judge?

Kathleen Corrigan,

Cootehill, Co Cavan

Sunday Independent