Friday 6 December 2019


@The Last Word You've got to hand it to @pgal10, his Indo weekend mag tips on what to wear at Oxegen (sorry a bit late, we know) are gas....

@JackOHearts Exactly what this country needs. That's why we are in this state. We were wearing the wrong clothes and needed pgal10 to the rescue

@John Meagher

1st video for Amanda Brunker on YouTube is her "gig" at Oxegen. 2nd sees her interviewed at the fest by Alan Corr. Say it ain't so, Alan!

@Nadia El Ferdaoussi Man up you Oxegen hang-ees. Been to work, flight to London, out for boozy dinner and up early again and back to the airport all since then!

@David Cochrane

Drinkaware has uploaded a photo to FB from Oxegen of a Hotpress event, with cans of Heineken on the table. Not very drink aware, are they?

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