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Ownership of Children’s Research and Innovation Centre must be made clear

Letters to the Editor


The site of the new National Children's Hospital

The site of the new National Children's Hospital

The site of the new National Children's Hospital

With the brouhaha over the ownership of the National Maternity Hospital having passed, might citizens now be given clarity as to the ownership of the yet-to-be-built Children’s Research and Innovation Centre (CRIC), stated by An Bord Pleanála (ABP) to be an “integral” component of the as-yet-unnamed children’s hospital at St James’s Hospital campus in Dublin?

When built, the CRIC will replace the National Children’s Research Centre, which currently is at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin and which, over the decades, has been fully funded by charitable donations through the children’s hospitals fundraising foundations.

It is imperative that the CRIC (which is to be built on Trinity College land at the far end of the campus from the Children’s Hospital) is owned by Children’s Health Ireland, and not by Trinity College or the adult St James’s hospital, and that such ownership is clearly established in law. This has not happened.

In the future, were the children’s hospital to move location from the constrained (ABP’s description) site beside St James’s Hospital to a more suitable, accessible location to serve the children of Ireland with a new co-located maternity hospital, the CRIC must move with it. Therefore ownership to ensure this must now be clearly established.

Roisin Healy

Spokesperson,The New Children’s Hospital Alliance, Dublin 4

Only Trump and his elite will benefit from kids in Kevlar

If we are to follow the advice of the Great Twit, aka Donald Trump, all school-going children in that bastion of good sense known as the US of A would be required to wear Kevlar flak-jackets and be transported to and from school in armoured Hummers. Very likely Trump and his idiotic acolytes have shares in the manufacturers of both.

What a wonderful country! Is it any wonder their borders are over-run by people hoping to get rich but more likely to be shot.

David Ryan

Co Meath

Show trial could provoke Putin into worse behaviour

The recent ‘show trial’, for that’s what it was, of a young Russian soldier for killing an unarmed civilian in the village of Chupakhiva will do nothing to advance support for the cause of Ukraine.

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Young Russian soldiers are victims of this war too, expendable in Putin’s eyes. So the price for the propaganda in using an ‘enemy combatant’ of lowest rank, who was most likely placed in a ‘shoot or be shot’ bind by his superiors, subverts the stoicism of the Ukrainian military forces and the gallantry of the Ukrainian people and will only serve to provoke Putin into worse behaviour towards captured Ukrainians.

This is in no way to downplay the crime for which he has been now convicted but the media headlines and column inches given to this trial should more wisely be reserved for Putin’s generals, who are the real culprits and authors of the war crimes committed in Ukraine.

Michael Gannon (Colonel retired)

St Thomas’ Square, Kilkenny

Rural regeneration grants do little for rural residents

Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys announcing the granting of €400,000 to each local authority (‘Rural regeneration: €30m fund to renovate derelict cinemas, banks and convents in towns’, Irish Independent, May 27) is another example of individual government departments wasting public funds. Besides the fact these derelict buildings are owned by individuals or companies that need to be mandated to renovate their own properties, this scheme will not progress the cause of rural development.

Rural Ireland, the area outside an 80km radius of central Dublin, will not be developed, renewed or transformed by a scattergun, community divisive approach.

The rural population deserve positive action, in the short term, to give them the capacity and agency required to renew their towns, villages and countryside. 

Hugh McDermott

Dromahair, Co Leitrim

A blessing from the Kingdom for Keane’s welcome return

A big thank you to all who were responsible for the return of Keane’s Kingdom. I can only show my appreciation with the words of
A Kerry Blessing which I was given by the late John B many years ago:

That the frost may never afflict your spuds, That your cabbages may always be free from worms, That the crows may never pick your stack, That your she-goat may never dread the puck, And should you by good fortune come into possession of a mare ass, May she always be in foal.

Mattie Lennon

Lacken, Blessington, Co Wicklow

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