Saturday 24 March 2018

Overeating is negligent

Sir -- Andrea Smiths article (Life, Jan. 24, 2010) was insolent, contradictory and I felt compelled to write. Though Smith attempts to argue that physical appearance is arbitrary to her, she puts overweight people in the same category as those with hooked-noses, sticky-out-ears and crooked teeth.

Obesity has been described as a disease and a disability, unlike hooked-noses and crooked teeth. She tries to make it appear that the overweight are victimised because of their physical appearance. This is not the case. While I did not agree with all of Niamh Horan's views on the subject, her argument that obesity is in most cases caused by lack of exercise and overeating is undeniably true.

The image portrayed by an obese person is one of negligence. She seems to understand that her obesity is endangering her health and cutting into the funds of the health service and though she knows that she should lose some weight for the sake of her future health, she doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. If she really believes that being alive is a "privilege that can't be taken for granted" perhaps she should stop eating herself into an early grave.

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