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Over-reaction to explosives in bag

In relation to the recent seizure of explosives in Dublin, I am at a total loss in trying to understand the over-reaction by gardai and the Army.

From the off they knew the explosives were planted secretly on the individual and were of a minuscule amount. I would presume that unless marked descriptively, the person himself would have dumped the substance thinking it was rubbish. The explosive itself is non-volatile unless prepared and mixed in the correct quantities with other materials.

Understanding the above and in an effort to minimise an international incident, surely a more reserved approach would have sufficed. Instead, with sirens blazing, they evacuate a large number of residents, break in the doors and arrest an innocent man while all the time knowing the above facts.

A case of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut I think.

Ray Dunne
Enfield, Co Meath

Irish Independent