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Outstanding Dail bar bill an affront to public

It appears the bad habits of some former members of the Oireachtas have rubbed off on some of the newly elected ones.

Your report of July 19 (Politicians to be chased for €77,000 of unpaid bills) highlighted the fact that some current and former Dail and Seanad members owe €77,000 to the Leinster House restaurant and bar.

An Oireachtas spokesman said it was not the custom for remaining amounts of money to be written off or paid for by the taxpayer.

As a citizen of this State I object in the most strident manner possible to any write-off of debts incurred by any Oireachtas member. By any standards, they are very well remunerated in the form of extremely generous salaries, expenses and perks.

It is now five months since the new Dail was elected and in excess of €8,000 is still owed by former members. This is an affront to the many tens of thousands of people who strive to make ends meet with a fraction of what a TD is paid.

Those Oireachtas members that have to be pursued for unpaid bills chalked up while in office should be named and shamed.

Tom Cooper
Knocklyon, Dublin 16

Irish Independent