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Outrageous waste of energy on outrage

CHARLIE Weston in the Irish Independent, May 6, said people were outraged by the insurance levy. In my experience outrage changes nothing.

I felt outrage at government employees and TDs getting two, three or four or more sets of pay and expenses and then double or treble pensions.

I felt outrage when Rody Molloy got an extra million in his pension. I felt outrage when Mary Coghlan and Brian Cowen asserted what great patriotic people these men were.

I felt outrage when ministers, TDs and senators retired with a sickeningly immoral pot of money.

I felt outrage at Bertie Ahern getting huge money for what appears to have been his many lapses of memory.

I felt outrage at the financial rewards our bankers and regulators got for destroying us.

I felt outrage, just like the chief in the Clint Eastwood movie ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’, that feeling outrage is an outrageous waste of energy.

Am I alone with Mr Weston in my outrage? And, as the fools still run the asylum, is my personal outrage really also a complete waste of time?