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Our recovery can begin tomorrow

Ireland's economy must hit the floor before it can recover. Booms can only be corrected by busts.

Striving to suspend an artificial sky will not succeed.

This is zero hour for Ireland. The clock must start again in the same way it did for Germany in May 1945.

We must confront the reality that almost no property is worth more than €150,000 in Ireland; that almost no public servants can justify a salary greater than say €50,000 per annum and that almost no public service pensioners can justify a yearly pension greater than €25,000.

No public representative should receive any pension from the public purse. They should fund their own pensions privately.

The public service unions should retreat gracefully, gradually and cleverly from their expected benefits rather than risk defeat for their members -- their employer is as insolvent as any private sector one. Alas, but that they were so wise.

Meanwhile, Enda Kenny is wrong as usual.

It doesn't require 10 years to fix the economy. It only requires 10 minutes by following three steps: decide to reduce government; reduce taxes and reduce trade unions.

Real resolute recovery would resume very rapidly afterwards.

Eric Plunkett
Crover Mount Nugent, Cavan

Irish Independent