Thursday 18 January 2018

Our national attitude to precious clean water is very immature

Water issue has been kicked to limbo. Stock photo
Water issue has been kicked to limbo. Stock photo
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

As refunds are rightly coming back to those who paid the water charges, to maintain some fairness against those who refused to pay, one has to reflect on the whole issue and wonder what reduction in service will we suffer.

We cannot moan about this, we must take the hit. As we go through a period of drought, the free water sprinklers are in full flow, ensuring the lawns are a verdant green. On reflection, we have shown a very immature attitude to clean water, which is our most precious and vulnerable asset.

An initial foul-up by Phil Hogan in his method of introducing the charges followed by a media-led circus starring Barry Cowen, Paul Murphy and Mary Lou McDonald resulted in the opportunistic political decision of kicking the issue into limbo.

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