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Our intelligentsia lacks intelligence

THE silence from our university campuses during this time of political, social and economic turmoil is shamefully deafening.

Where are our idealists, our visionaries of the future? They should be out on the streets daily, demonstrating and demanding change.

Our students seem to be a lethargic, apathetic and politically ignorant and disinterested flock of sheep, with no leadership and no desire or inclination to interact or contribute to political debate.

Our intelligentsia lacks intelligence. Are our universities places where "pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed"?

Students, take your coiffed heads out of the sand, slip on your Gucci shoes and your Armani jacket, lift your silk-wrapped butt off the couch, spit the silver spoon from your mouth, get out there and get involved.

Have all our students been seduced by the charmer of the false prophet ("profit") that is capitalism?

Michael Felle
Knocknaccara, Galway

Irish Independent