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Our Constitution gives us the power to choose

OUR two daughters were bullied -- one by her peers, the other by her teacher -- when we moved to a small village a number of years ago, so we exercised our constitutional rights and educated the two of them at home for two years. When they re-entered the mainstream schooling system, they were ahead of their peers academically (thanks in the main to my wife's two hours of lessons for them per day) and were able to re-integrate fairly easily. They have left school now having both done very well in their Leaving Certs, but more importantly they are well-adjusted and happy individuals (and both gainfully employed).

Our children are our most important treasures and we as parents have more options than it would appear at first glance. Our Constitution is an incredible document and puts the family at the very top position in Ireland, above the State and above the church. You have alternatives, and you have choices.


Irish Independent