Friday 23 February 2018

Our challenge now: build a better society

Empty coffee cups abandoned outside the Department of Finance
Empty coffee cups abandoned outside the Department of Finance

It appears to me that for far too long we were blindfolded to the excesses of the institutions of this State; our eyes hidden from the dangers of what was really going on, leaving the door open to be seduced in favour of self-interest. We are paying for this now and are asking our future generations to pay for it, too. If we do not learn from this we will be fated to make the same mistakes again.

At the moment, we need to vent our anger, but as individuals, it appears Irish citizens can now have little effect on the financial pain that is coming; the time for the governing classes to prevent this has long gone.

It appears now to be a question of whether it is a bailout alone or a default. Either way, we are going to mortgage the next generation with our debt, significantly affecting their ability to live their lives based on their own ability to do so. We have weighed down our future generations with debt before they have even begun to live their lives. Where was their voice in all of this? Who spoke for them?

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