Monday 23 October 2017

Our attitude to Irish is a disgrace

So DK Henderson thinks we should drop the Irish language in our schools to save lost hours. So one of the oldest languages in the world is to die because of the pure laziness of the Irish. What a load of whinging wasters we have become.

All over the world English is now the second language. In Europe, people happily learn English along with the languages of their neighbour, many of them having several languages. But the Irish can't even be bothered to learn their own.

We have become a nation of whimpering victims to a Government who fills our water with fluoride to keep us quiet, to the banks we are allowing to destroy our future and to the developers who continue to live the high life. Now we hit out at the only safe victim to blame our woes on, the last remnants that identify us as the people we once were, before we became the cowardly moaning minnies we are now.

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