Saturday 25 January 2020

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• I think that there is more to the essentiality of Irish to our future well-being than Susanne Nielson suggests in her fine 'Letter of the Day' (March 12).

No language should or need be made redundant at any time or period in history, particularly when cultural uniqueness is threatened by a proselytising and ill-informed faith in uniformity. All languages are reservoirs, holding in trust for their peoples the finest values which have been wrought and refined in their particular journeys through our shared history.

Each reflecting, prism-like as it were, their own discoveries and appreciation of values truly humanistic and of benefit to all.

Irish is no exception and Gaelic culture has bequeathed us a rich religiously-rooted humanism in harmony with its traditional song and music which, according to Sir Arnold Bax, is second to none.

The breach (temporary) which we now endure in the evolution of our native experience has engendered in certain quarters an obsequious and chauffeur-like dependence on the English language as being the sole vehicle of our hopes and ambitions.

It deprives us, as John Robb put it, of "a weapon with which to diminish the arrogance of those who seek to control us through the imposition of 'global' language".

Maidir le Bernard Dunne agus an Bród Club deirim "Maith thú a Bhearnáird, tá fuinneog á oscailt agat dúinn go leir!"

Colm Ó Tórna
Dublin 5

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