Wednesday 13 December 2017

O'Rourke clearly misses the point

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Sir -- I refer to Colm O'Rourke's article, Soapbox (Sunday Independent, April 11, 2010) headed: "Teachers, the party is over, take the hit." I was struck by the fact that Colm clearly misses the point with regard to the anger felt by the general public over the state of our country's finances.

It is an anger felt by the vast majority of hard-pressed honest taxpaying people, including myself, an ordinary private sector worker. I am one of the many who borrowed money and got myself heavily indebted, and I will personally be in debt for many years to come, probably well into my pension years.

However, unlike the small cohort of gamblers who got us into this disastrous condition, I will not be able to get my neighbours to pay off my debts, something which the taxpayers of this country are being asked to do. We lose our jobs, houses, income, while another generation is forced to get the boat. They leave not because they want to but because they see no future. Anywhere is perceived to be better than here.

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