Sunday 18 February 2018

Opposition silence on Ahern shocking

Thank you, Martina Devlin, for your cutting article on Dermot Ahern (Irish Independent, December 2). Everything you said is true. However, if we were ever so wishful as to expect Fianna Fail to go any way towards correcting this or any other grotesque anomaly with regards to politicians' pay, we were always going to be disappointed.

The silence from the opposition parties is disturbing. They fumble around the edges, but offer nothing that will fundamentally change our system. Would the following be too much to ask for at this late stage?

  • Reduce the numbers of TDs to 80 and apportion them pro rata on county size.
  • Calculate their pay and perks based on European averages.
  • One pension paid when they reach retirement age, not when they leave office.
  • Abolish the use of state cars for all retired politicians.
  • Abolish the Senate and replace it with an elected chamber with power to police both itself and the Dail.

Toby Lawlor
Hertfordshire, England

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