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On the frontline

Sir -- Here is a reminder to our brave politicians who walk proudly behind their leaders to deny members of the gardai a justified wage for doing a thankless job.

Ask yourselves, who did you call into Portlaoise Prison when the very safety of the State was threatened? Who saves you, when you are threatened? And remember: gardai have no negotiating rights at pay talks and must take what they are given.

They go to work not knowing what circumstances they are likely to face or if they will be seriously injured.

They go to work not knowing if they will be shot at or shot dead. Gardai go to work not knowing if they will be verbally abused, physically assaulted, stabbed, or attacked with a syringe.

They go to work not knowing if their private vehicle will be damaged because of actions the members are forced to take in the course of their duty, or if repercussions will be taken against family members.

This is in memory of those who did not return. Some were colleagues we did not know, some were dear friends -- all paid the ultimate price.

Tony Fagan,

Retired member of

Enniscorthy Detective Branch

Sir -- At long last, Ulster Unionism has moved from the 17th century to the 18th!

K Nolan,

Carrick-On-Shannon, Co Leitrim

Sunday Independent