Friday 18 October 2019

On bended knee to Merkel

Sir -- Brenda Kenny, leader of the Fine Girl Party, along with Amy Gilmore, boss of Induced Labour, are joyous when getting their pretty heads patted by the IMF, where sleazy DSK once held sway. But our betters, nonetheless, apparently.

Our little island is expected, primarily by the compliant politicians, to stay on bended knee while the nation's wealth is sucked out of the country by wretched banks,and the hateful bullies of the so-called "troika". This all takes place without a whimper or a whisper of discontent from our Government.

Moving on, we can now expect our health problems to be taken care of by the radio/television gentle urgings and advice from Micheal O Muircheartaigh and the two brave lads who aren't afraid to say 'prostate'. Why waste time going to your GP or hospital ward? Sure we'll be grand, just be sensible and don't be bothering the HSE with petty health issues which might not be life-threatening. Turn on the radio and listen carefully for what ails you. Apply as directed.

Taxation is not tax-taking when it is called a levy or a household charge, and cuts to wages and welfare payments are to benefit the common good. I thought everyone knew this. So imagine my surprise when I learned that the poor, the blind, and the wheelchair-bound etc; refuse to understand the noble reasons for their incomes being stripped away.

How could Brenda and Amy face Ms Merkel if they couldn't assure her that every measure is being taken so that her own political career gets a boost through bullying and hectoring our lot into simpering submission? I mean, c'mon, like.

Robert Sullivan,

Bantry, Co Cork

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