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O’Leary a new man

What a pleasant surprise to see Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary on 'The Late Late Show'. He has blossomed into a caring and humble individual.

Once he was rude, arrogant and outspoken but now he has turned into something of a tamed tiger.

From being ridiculed over the years because of his outspoken views and raves and rants on anything that moved, he has turned into a silver-tongued tassie.

He is the wise one now and has become such a success story around the globe.

He speaks eloquently and with sense that we can all understand.

He is 51 now, still a little puppy by my standards, and there are huge ideas yet to come from this mighty warrior.

He was presenting a cheque for €100,000 to DEBRA Ireland -- which supports children with a rare and painful skin disorder. He showed his compassion and he put Ryanair's money where it helps most.

He also said that public sector workers have 11 compulsory sick leave days. Does that mean that if they are not sick they have to make themselves sick and take the leave because it's compulsory?

Mr O' Leary says we have to get off our backsides and work. We want to work but where are these jobs? We want to get the country back on its feet but where is the leadership? The young people are leaving the country in their droves because they want to make a better life for themselves -- and proper order too.

We need leaders like Michael O'Leary who young people would listen to because he is not talking bull!

He would not have sold us out to Europe. We have no voice any more, accepting what Brussels tells us.

We are slaves to Europe -- and we thought the Famine was bad.

We have become 'yes men and women' and the Irish were never like that. They were always fighters for a cause and we need to be fighting our way back to a more stable economy and keeping our educated young people here.

Of course, we are Europeans now and Ireland is in the laps of the gods. Poor, poor Ireland in every sense of the word.

Ms Terry Healy

Kill, Co Kildare