Sunday 18 February 2018

Old ways alive and kicking

Ken Whitaker
Ken Whitaker

* What is it about governments and their highly paid advisers that any new semi-state project, big or small, has first to be submitted to a consultancy firm (at enormous expense) to test its feasibility (a PR term now beaten to death)?

It baffles me that these backroom geniuses who are regularly headhunted for their skills are so afraid of their shadow, or is it their jobs, that they pass the buck to a consultancy who apparently can charge any fee they like without question and let the taxpayer pay for it.

This latest fee of €50m (and mounting by the hour) 'to advise' on a new water scheme is beyond comprehension and an enigma. The original Enigma machine will have to be taken out of the mothballs to decipher all the arithmetical progressions and blacked-out secrets that are emerging.

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