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Old decency

On a recent visit to Dublin, I was struck by the decline of what was called the 'good Dublin accent'. The late actor, Dennis Brennan, was always held up to me as an example, indeed as was Joe Linanne, and even Gay Byrne. Just listen to the adverts on RTE, even the children have what used to be called working-class accents, in many cases.

I attended a school where the head would make a boy repeat over and over a sentence if the boy lapsed into a flat Dublin accent. Most middle-class parents applauded him for this action in the mid-1960s.

There was a time when not speaking properly was a hindrance in most of the professions. No, I am not a dreadful old snob, just a lover of language; and this new, accepted way of speaking grates on my well-trained nerves, and is one more nail in the coffin of old decency.

Barry Carroll
London, England

Irish Independent