Monday 22 January 2018

O'Doherty's 'style' is foreign here

IN a characteristically obnoxious manner, Ian O'Doherty stated in his column that Gerry Adams is a "foreigner" who is not welcome in the Republic of Ireland.

Would Mr O'Doherty have the temerity to say this to other Irish people born north of the Border? Perhaps to Mickey Harte or Peter Canavan? Or maybe to John Hume, who was recently voted the greatest Irishman of all time? Are these 'foreigners' also not welcome 'down here'?

Mr O'Doherty's half-baked brand of right-wing 'say it as it is' journalism is really an embarrassing throwback to the English red tops of the 1980s. I urge him to either grow up or shut up.

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