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O'Doherty's hilarious take on Kenny's Covid restrictions

Letters to the Editor


Ian O'Doherty. Photo: Frank McGrath

Ian O'Doherty. Photo: Frank McGrath

Ian O'Doherty. Photo: Frank McGrath

Regarding Ian O’Doherty’s ‘Last Call, Agenda’ (Irish Independent, ‘Review’, July 18), his take on Mary Kenny’s Covid restrictions confusion segued nicely into the hilarious commentary on ‘the Irish summer school’.

He could paint the well-funded, Irish literary festival with the same brush: same ding-dong from one town to the next, the Marks and Spencered middle classes talking in broad-vowelled, high-falutin’ accents about ‘working class, literary characters,’ (that they wouldn’t be seen next nor near to in real life).

He avers that the summer school attendee ‘is the kind of person who would volunteer for jury duty’. Likewise the typical, literary festival attendee, only they would also feel compelled to write a poem about it!

Anne Marie Kennedy

Craughwell, Co Galway


Delay in publishing Leaving Cert results is the final insult

Not publishing the Leaving Cert results until September 7 adds the final insult to the many injuries already inflicted on 61,000 young people by the Department of Education. Students have been put through the mill emotionally and mentally since March. They have endured more turmoil than any Leaving Cert class that went before.

The students are innocent victims of mind-boggling bureaucracy and staggering procrastination by the Department of Education. They are entitled to their results in mid-August. Prolonging their suffering for an extra three weeks is indefensible. Schools returned the marks to the department in good time. The Department of Education has only to standardise the marks to conform with previous years’ results. All the raw data is at their disposal as is state-of-the-art technology to do the number crunching.

Leaving Certificate results must be issued close to the standard date. The department personnel must don the green jersey for the young people, anxiously awaiting results. With a bit of urgency, overtime and goodwill, the results can still be issued in mid-August.

By delaying the results, many students won’t be able to draw down a Susi college grant until well into the academic year. Finding accommodation will be a major issue for students. The CAO offers will run very late, especially for students awaiting the later rounds of offers. Unless students get their results on schedule, they could easily miss out on alternative courses or training options if unsuccessful in the CAO system.

The minister must insist on results by mid-August. That will allow students the time and space to consider their options calmly without having to make rushed decisions in September.

Billy Ryle

Tralee, Co Kerry


New minister O’Brien must challenge legal bluff on rent

It didn’t take long for new Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien to experience the harsh reality of the dead hand of the law in relation to rent and evictions and just for future reference, for any other bright ideas he might entertain.

Hopefully he has the cojones to crack on and challenge the legal bluff and if necessary declare a national emergency.

He is in good company because Napoleon didn’t have any time for the legal profession in government. Napoleon reformed old and befuddled laws introducing the Napoleonic Code which was designed to be simple and understood by everyone and not just the well educated which would be another option, but unfortunately it took 14 years.

The only consolation I have is that the legals won’t be fluting away in the Shelbourne bar to celebrate how terribly clever they are!

Dr Michael Foley

Rathmines, Dublin 6


Government should not pay a pension to anyone working

After reading the letter on pensioners deserving €100 increase due to Covid (Irish Independent, Letters, July 18), why are they working if they’re pensioners?

The Government is trying to increase the pension age to get a grip on the costs, should it not start by not paying a pension to anyone who is still working?

I will be a pensioner next year and thanks to the Government kicking the can down the road won’t have to wait another year until I’m 67 and will gladly retire after 50 years in the workplace.

I also know a few in their seventies still working and are well off, so is it greed or what drives them?

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Why a mask is an absolute must for safe keeping

During the current Covid-19 pandemic if one remembers the anagram M.A.S.K., which means the following: A Mask is an Absolute for Safe Keeping.

So remember to wear your M.A.S.K. and stay safe.

Richard Whitty

Swords, Co Dublin

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