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O'Doherty got it very wrong on teenagers

In relation to the article, 'Ah, kids of today' by Ian O'Doherty (July 6), I totally disagree. As a teenager, I can tell you without hesitation that I do not, and many of my friends do not, as he portrayed (and I quote), "spend their time bullying each other on Facebook and drinking alcopops before becoming morbidly obese teenagers".

I am disgusted that he went on to say ". . .every one of them is like that". Not every teenager is like that. Most use Facebook as what it was designed for -- to keep in touch with friends and family and not to cyber bully.

Also, I, like many other teenagers and children, do not drink alcohol and am not even interested in it.

And lastly, we are definitely not all morbidly obese. Many teenagers and children play sports and are very active and healthy.

So the next time you are writing about children of today, actually go out and see the children of today and don't be so ignorant. Also in relation to that article, you have found another person who would gladly throw custard over you, Mr O'Doherty.

Nicola Cunningham

Irish Independent