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O'Doherty dead wrong about PETA US branch

Ian O'Doherty's April 4 piece, 'Yup, That's a Good Use of Our Money', contains false statements about PETA US.

PETA US is a nonprofit organisation that works fully within the law to educate people about the horrors of animal suffering and what can be done to stop it.

Unlike our opposition in the meat, fur, and vivisection trades, we do not engage in activities in which anyone, human or otherwise, is injured.

PETA US actions on behalf of animals are all peaceful and appeal to most people's natural desire to be compassionate -- from undercover investigations to protests outside shops that sell foie gras to working with corporations and law enforcement agencies to bring those who commit acts of cruelty to justice.

Significant advances in our society's treatment of animals can be attributed to PETA US, including stopping all car-crash tests on animals worldwide, getting more than 1,000 cosmetics companies to stop testing on rabbits and other animals, and closing massive horse-slaughter operations in the US as well as an international wildlife trafficking outfit.

Statements as uninformed and hateful as O'Doherty's are deeply offensive to anyone who works for a kinder world.

Ingrid E Newkirk
President, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals US
Washington, DC

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