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Ode to New Year

• Sitting waiting for the bells to toll to usher in 2012.

Reading all about those bargain hunters as into stores they delve.

To purchase goods at basement prices just because they have a label.

While others sit forlornly at an empty cafe table.

What have they got to look forward to except hopelessness and fear.

An empty fridge at breakfast time, an egg cup to catch a tear.

As we take this leap into 2012 it's time as one we shout aloud.

Let politicians of every hue know even though they made us poor we still are proud.

Let us firmly make them understand.

We're no longer pawns they can fool by sleight of hand.

This forthcoming referendum they talk about could be a real hard sell.

For if Joe Public & Partner have sense at all, our politicians' wishes could be blown to hell.

There is no mileage going down the road of violent protests when we have the ballot box.

And all the various forms of media to let them know of our requests, so they best pull up their socks.

When belts need tightening they know where they should start.

If they show us respect we will play our part.

Once there is no mini budget or a tax on the penny dinners, we should all emerge from this euro crisis as noble and honourable winners.

CJ Black
Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

Irish Independent