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OAP's work plan

Madam – I am an old-age pensioner. Recently I got up on a stool to remove curtains, slipped and gave my leg a terrible knock! It made me think it was lucky it was not my neck or head. Since that mishap, if a young person calls to my house I ask them to help me with little jobs like this.

The thought struck me that if the Government gave a subsidy for old people to get things done – eg, if you had two days' work, the Government pay for one and the pensioner pay for the second or, if one day, half and half – it would give a few days' employment. The old person could throw in a cuppa and brown bread.

I feel sure an insurance company would give a good deal on this venture. It would work a bit like the drugs scheme. You could set up a panel, as old people are nervous of people who are not recommended.

It should not affect social welfare. If a person is unemployed and gets two days' work, they should be allowed to enjoy the remuneration like going for a meal or buying a new coat. It might help the thousands of people suffering from depression in Ireland. Interaction is one element of treatment.

I love reading the Sunday Independent and especially the Letters to the Editor. We all think so differently. Variety is the spice of life!

Betty Duggan,


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