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O Caolain has a real brass neck

MUCH as I despise the cronyism within Fianna Fail, it is sickening to hear Sinn Fein's Caoimhghin O Caolain attempt to forensically examine the Taoiseach on his connections with businessman Sean Fitz- Patrick.

For sheer brass neck, O Caolain takes the biscuit. Here is a man who represents a party which for years was composed mainly of cheerleaders for the men of violence.

We should be demanding straight answers from Sinn Fein on its own connections. The overwhelming urge to purge the political system of self-serving hypocrites is understandable, but we must ponder how we go about the task of restoring honesty and integrity in government. Better to check carefully before you commit to voting.



All judges should explain decisions

THE Labour Party announcement that it will introduce legislation to force District Court judges to give written reasons when imposing short-term prison sentences is very welcome. It is a fundamental human right to know the reasons behind judicial decisions and it is a requirement under the European Convention on Human Rights.

May I suggest that this initiative is extended to the Family Law courts and that all judgments of the District, Circuit and High Family Law Courts are required to contain reasons for the decisions arrived at. Such courts are behind closed doors and there is a perception of unfairness. This would be largely alleviated if proper reasons accompanied judgments.



Seeking items on Clonliffe Harriers

AS part of the Clonliffe Harriers 125th anniversary celebrations in 2011, I am writing a history of all aspects of the club's activities. I am seeking contributions from club members past and present, their families and anyone who has had any connections with our club. In particular, I am looking for old photos, medals, memorabilia etc, which have an association with the club. All items will be returned to their owners.

Please email me at dombran@ eircom.net or phone 086-602-8058.