Sunday 15 December 2019

Now ratings agency tries to run country

So Fitch ratings agency will downgrade Ireland even further if there is no political consensus on the next Budget.

All question of the retention of our sovereignty are now meaningless, if a ratings agency can dictate to the democratic institutions of this country.

How dare Fitch presume to interfere in the proper conduct of our elected representatives?

We haven't abdicated our governance to the banks just yet, and hopefully never will.

Fitch, along with the rest of the rating agencies, was part of the irresponsible inflation of the Irish property bubble and should be reminded of such.

Far from preaching to this sovereign nation, it should hang its head in shame for the mess it helped create.

Surely it is time to say enough is enough.

The Irish people are left paying for incompetent governance, dishonest banks and greedy developers.

Must we now tolerate the diktats of an agency that if it were to be rated itself would get an E(-)?

I understand that the two Brians and Enda and Eamon feel the need to cower before their masters in the IMF and the ECB, but a rating agency? I hope not!

I wish to call on political parties to show consensus in just one matter and that is to tell Fitch that it does not run this country and never will.

perhaps if our elected representatives were to show some backbone and stand up to the financial institutions, they in turn might show us a little more respect and, who knows, they might even rate us seriously.

Brian Condra
Drogheda, Co Louth

Having listened to David McWilliams' suggestion of utilising the 75 plus billions of US multinational companies' cash sitting in the IFSC, it amazes me that this hasn't been looked at before now.

Is Finance Minister Brian Lenihan still sulking because David told of his late night talk in his kitchen while he chewed on garlic?

Please Minister, listen to somebody who saw your mistakes coming before you did.

You owe it to the people of Ireland to listen to him and not to the advisers who helped you get us to where we are now.

Grainne Fallon
Rhode, Co Offaly

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