Sunday 20 October 2019

Nothing personal

• So Michael Fingleton says he never used Irish Nationwide as his personal bank (Irish Independent, December 12). He was "entitled" to charge his €48,000 K Club membership to Irish Nationwide. And did this "entitlement" stretch to over €6,000 in cash (for various trips abroad), just under €4,000 for a trip to Dubai, and nearly €7,000 for a final stay in the Westbury. All this before leaving with a €27m retirement fund (€28m if you include that €1m bonus) and a €6,000 bid for a Gucci watch -- given back at a charity do to be re-auctioned.

Father Time wasn't the only thing on Mr Fingleton's mind before he retired -- he had dental work done (€12,000), and a clean bill of health from The Well Clinic (a snip at €450). Not to forget a final stay with his wife (a mere €2,300) at the Dorchester London. Seems like a lot of "entitlement"; €88,000 worth if you do the sums, all charged to Irish Nationwide. To paraphrase another (in)famous public denial: "I did not have personal relations with that bank."

Mark Lawler
South Circular Rd, Kilmainham, D8

Irish Independent

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