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Not our president

•In a report entitled 'Six of the world's central banks move to stop market freeze' (Irish Independent, December 1), readers were told, among other things, that the EU's president, Herman van Rompuy, said that Europe's governments needed to "confront" a looming catastrophe.

I was amazed, because I had heard nothing about an election for an EU president. What I would like to know is: who appointed Mr Van Rompuy president of the EU; when was he appointed; and who took the decision not to allow the citizens of Europe to vote a candidate into this office?

A person who is willing to be appointed president of the EU can have no moral authority, not least because he, along with those who appointed him, have shown contempt for democracy by not allowing EU citizens to decide who their president will be. I wonder if the people who appointed Mr Van Rompuy are the same people who were against giving EU citizens a vote on the Lisbon Treaty?

Brian Abbott
Bishopstown Road, Cork

Irish Independent